Improve your strength and mobility in expertly coached groups of only 3 people.
Suitable for all training levels.

Our Semi Private sessions bring more of a strength and resistance training focus to our small group training.

With a maximum of 3 people attending these sessions, regular attendance at these classes should have you feeling stronger and more mobile in no time.

We are able to apply our fundamental principles of strength training, but because of the small group focus, still be adaptable to the ability level of each attendee.

If you are interested in a bespoke training package combining both Semi-Private and Group Classes then please contact us and we can recommend a package that will work best for you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The short answer is yes. Because we have a maximum of only 3 people per class, your coach can easily adapt the sessions based on each individual’s current training ability, whilst at the same time not holding you back from training to your absolute potential.

We have set up our Semi-Private sessions to have more of a strength and resistance training focus. All of the foundational movement patterns that we aim to coach with our Personal Training clients will be covered in the Semi-Private sessions – Squatting, Hinging, Pushing, Pulling. Lunging and Carrying exercises with all feature heavily in your workouts.

We can generally work around many movement issues, but there will be some instances where the Semi-Private sessions may not be individualised enough for your training needs. If you are unsure about this then please contact us so we can discuss your training further.

The Semi-Private sessions run for 55 minutes so fall in line with the length of our regular Personal Training sessions.

Because the Semi-Private sessions have a Strength training focus, many of your necessary training boxes are going to be ticked just by attending these classes regularly. That said, our Group Classes each offer a slightly different training focus to the Semi-Private sessions so you may find it beneficial to try some Yoga classes for increased flexibility, or our BoxFit or Circuits sessions to improve your conditioning. We can also create a Bespoke training package which combines both Semi-Private and Group Classes so if this is of interest please contact us so we can advise the best path forward.

If Semi-Private training is going to be your primary strength and conditioning training, then we would offer the same advice as we do for our Personal Training clients and suggest going for a minimum of 2 weekly sessions.

If the current Semi-Private session times do not fit well for you, then please contact us. We are always looking to expand the schedule so will be happy to look into the feasibility of adding more sessions in.