An extremely effective and joint friendly approach to controlled muscle contractions and time under tension training.

Take your core and stability training to the next level with our progressive Reformer Pilates sessions

There is literally nowhere for your muscles to hide during your Reformer Pilates sessions.

The Reformer can be utilised with a number of training goals in mind:

  • Core focused training
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Back pain management
  • Strength endurance


Your Reformer Pilates training package can be purchased in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions. Session rates start at £85.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The short answer is undoubtedly yes! We like to think of Reformer Pilates training as whole body training, as as it strengthens and lengthens muscles in full ranges of motion. It’s also effectively balances low-impact with high-intensity making it suitable for pretty mucb everyone.

The Reformer offers a very safe and non-impact way to introduce resistance training to your routine if you have been suffering from lower back pain. The spring loads are adjustable, but also force the surrounding core, glute and upper back muscles to work with maximum efficiency.

The Reformer allows for the effective use of external loads to help develop your strength levels. It is also easier and more effective to introduce training progressions as you get stronger, something that is more difficult to achieve with  Mat Pilates.

You should definitely expect to work hard, sweat and most definitely ‘feel the burn’! A lot of the movements work on muscular endurance and extended time under tension as well as honing in on your weak spots. You will most definitely feel muscles the next day that you didn’t know you had!

Absolutely. A lot of the movements and exercises on the Reformer are difficult to replicate in more traditional strength training programmes, but have great carryover helping you safely lift heavier weights in the gym. A large proportion of our clients blend Reformer Pilates with Personal Training or Semi-Private Training. 

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