Personal Training is our number one coaching option, delivered by our team of experienced in-house trainers. You work with the same trainer for all of your sessions and train at a time that fits in with your schedule.

Once you have signed up, all Personal Training clients are guided through the following process:

  • An initial strength, movement and body composition assessment as well as analysis of a food and sleep diary. This gives us all of the information we need to design your initial training programmes.
  • Ongoing assessment of these initial measures to ensure that progress is being made.
  • Full programme design for all of your Personal Training sessions, and also any sessions we may ask you to complete outside of the gym. Depending on your overall training goals and level, it is quite common that you would be advised to complete some level of strength, aerobic and/or flexibility work outside of the gym to supplement your Personal Training sessions.

Personal Training can be done either 1-to-1 or with a training partner. When training with a partner, we will start with an individual assessment for each of you just so we can be sure that your training will be compatible.

Our focus is to make training a fulfilling and energising addition to your lifestyle and so for a majority of our clients we focus more on long term goals. With this in mind our advice to you is to commit to a minimum of 2 weekly sessions for 12 weeks.

Your training package can be purchased in blocks of 12 sessions. Session rates start at £90

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are more than happy to have an initial discussion on the phone or chat through whatsapp (chat icon below). You can also click on the link above to provide a little more information about yourself and your training goals and we can arrange a free consultation at the gym.

Personal Training is a comprehensive and individualised training programme purely with your training goals and needs in mind. Personal Training can also be scheduled at times that suit you, and it includes significant guidance on things outside the gym including nutrition. Our Semi-Private sessions follow the fundamental strength training principles that we apply to most of our clients. Because the number of attendees is a maximum of 3, sessions can work with all levels of clients but are not as individually tailored as Personal Training sessions are. Group Classes have more varied training focuses with Yoga/Stretch, BoxFit and Circuits offering different approaches than Personal Training.

Because each of the coaching options have a slightly different focus, a high number of our clients structure their training around some combination of all 3 training options.

Our strong recommendation for the first 12 week phase of training is to do a minimum of 2 Personal Training sessions each week. This should ensure that you will get enough exposure to the training in order to start making real and positive changes. After the initial 12 week phase many clients stick to 2 x weekly sessions, but there is also the option to couple less regular Personal Training sessions with more Semi-Private or Group Class training or Solo sessions for those with access to their own gym equipment.

 As a rule of thumb, we advise all of our clients to have at least 3 x training sessions each week if they are looking for the best results. This may consist of any combination of Personal Training sessions, Semi-Private/Group sessions, solo sessions, sports participation etc. If you have extensive goals, especially around getting leaner and losing body fat we may have you doing 5-6 sessions per week.

There is a very small minority of people who seem to be able to eat as they please without ever getting out of shape. For most of us a healthy balanced diet is essential not only to how you look, but also to how healthy you are. We will work vigorously with you to address areas of concern with your nutrition, as coupling a healthy diet with healthy training is always the best way to go.

Injuries during any form of training can be common, especially when exercise selection and technique is not being correctly monitored. As a starting point we will take a complete injury history and thoroughly assess how you perform in all key movement patterns. Once we have this information, we are in a position to design a programme that fully reflects your current training ability, thus drastically reducing the chance of you suffering pain or injury as a result of training. The other often overlooked part, especially with repeated injuries, is the role that nutrient deficiencies can play. One more reason why we focus extensively on your nutrition.

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