3 Training Considerations for Grappling Martial Arts

We had the pleasure of watching our long time client David perform at the Jiu Jitsu IBJJF event last Sunday, where he finsihed with a superb Silver medal. We’ve been in charge of designing David’s strength and conditioning program for a couple of years now, so it’s always great to see him in action. Watching […]

5 myths to dispel about training

1. Deep squats are bad for your back and knees Granted deep squats are not suitable for everyone (especially those with orthopaedic or structural balance issues) but for a majority of us getting range and depth with squats is the best and safest way to train. It is true with most exercises that increasing the […]

Time for a change?

Updating or changing your programs regularly is a key aspect to achieving your training goals. paid to write articles People who stick to the same routine for months and sometimes years on end, will rarely get the results they are after. The basic premise is this. When you do a new workout consisting of different […]