Don’t forget the little guys

Whenever you see hardened gym goers working out, there are a few exercises you will inevitably see all of them performing – bench press, pulldowns, bar curls. You might even see a few regularly performing tough lifts like squats, deadlifts and pull ups. What you likely won’t see is people focusing on the less ‘sexy’ […]

Gym training for cyclists

Strength is king. This is generally the mantra of any strength and conditioning coach when it comes to training their athletes in the gym. Cycling – both in sprint and endurance form – falls squarely within this category. Although the legs are used extensively for cycling, they don’t necessarily become stronger from cycling. They essentially […]


Good old cereal. Quick, convenient, nutritious. A great way to start the day. Umm, if only this was true. Our addiction to cereals may be one of the single biggest reasons why we are in the midst of an evergrowing obesity epidemic. And just to clarify – because I have been questioned a lot […]