Justin’s genuine desire for me to achieve my goals combined with his vast fitness and nutrition knowledge and endless encouragement have helped me to achieve results I didn’t think were possible in such a short space of time!

Sessions with Justin are really hard work but his passion and enthusiasm make them enjoyable too. I really couldn’t recommend Justin more!

Joe M – Body fat dropped from 11.5% to 5.1% in just 12 weeks

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Training with the team at The Sporting Club has had a massively positive impact on me. I have added muscle, lost weight and am now living a much healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore I have increased energy levels, concentration and confidence. The training program that James has put together, the group strongman training sessions with Justin on Saturdays and the expert bio-signature monitoring and advice from Tim have added up to results that I am totally thrilled with. All the guys are dedicated and friendly, providing encouragement at every step of the journey and genuinely motivated by getting the best results. Thanks guys!

Mike R – Has dropped over 20kg and 25cm around his middle.

Training with Tim is demanding, enjoyable and very rewarding. As a trainer, he’s hugely encouraging; but he’s also very challenging, constantly refreshing my programme and pushing me to achieve more. Having worked out with Tim for over 3 years I am stronger and fitter than ever before. I’ve also lost over a stone in weight and dropped two dress sizes!

Sarah W

I consider myself very lucky to have Tim as my personal trainer; we have worked together for the last 6 years and during that time my levels of strength and fitness have improved hugely and I feel so much stronger and more confident. Tim keeps me challenged and motivated with training sessions designed to meet my particular needs. He has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly how far to push his clients to get the best from them. Tim expects a lot from his clients and in return you get a lot of encouragement and support. Believe it or not I miss our training sessions when I’m away and feel so much better when I get back to the gym.

Anne G

If you want real results from your training then the Sporting Club is the only way to go. They challenge your conventional thinking, take a holistic view of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and, most importantly, get results. Continual reductions in body measurements, increased mobility, flexibility, wellbeing, better sleep, more energy…I could go on, but just call and find out for yourself – if you are serious about staying fit and healthy you won’t regret it!

Julie N

I have been training with Tim for nearly 3 years and have seen impressive results during that time. He is an inspirational trainer who is always encouraging and he varies the sessions regularly. Despite being a hard taskmaster, he’s also a really nice guy.

Jonathan H

Training with Tim has transformed how I feel and how I look.

I decided to try personal training about 3 years ago because of a recurrent neck and hip problem and also because I needed to lose some weight. Long hours sitting at a laptop, advancing age and little exercise had taken their toll. Feeling physically strong as you get older makes a significant difference to your mental and emotional health. Having Tim’s expertly designed programme, nutritional advice and regular progress checks has been critical. However, of equal importance is Tim’s attitude – he is both demanding and encouraging. He sets high standards and always makes you want to achieve more. The sessions, although hard work, are fun, interesting and something I look forward to.

I realise now the value of finding a high quality trainer such as Tim. I see the sessions not as a luxury, but as a valuable investment in my health and wellbeing.

Catherine T

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