How often do I need to train to get the results I am after?

Training results differ from person to person, but one thing that is certain about today’s training environment is that efficient use of your training time is essential. As a rule of thumb, we expect all of our clients to have at least three 30-60 minute training sessions each week if they are looking for the best results. This may consist of personal training sessions, solo training sessions and group training sessions. If you have extensive goals, we may have you doing 5-6 sessions per week.

Do you use weights or aerobic training to help clients lose weight

Although aerobic work has its place for some people, in our opinion most people benefit more from a consistent weights or resistance program. This includes if your goal is to lose weight (or more specifically fat), as resistance training can be manipulated many different ways depending on what training outcome you desire. Resistance training also has the benefit of increasing your metabolism for 48-72 hours after training, which is not the case with aerobic training.

If I train well, can I eat what I want and still look great?!

There is a very small minority of people who seem to be able to eat as they please without ever getting out of shape. For most of us a healthy balanced diet is essential not only to how you look, but also to how healthy you are. We will work vigorously with you to address areas of concern with your nutrition, as coupling a healthy diet with healthy training is always the best way to go.

I always seem to hurt myself when using weights, why is that?

Injuries during all forms of training can be common, especially when exercise selection and technique is not being correctly monitored. As a starting point we will take a complete injury and history background, analyse static and mobile postural traits, thoroughly assess how you perform in all key movement patterns, as well as measure length tension in all the major muscle groups. Once we have this information, we are in a position to design a program that fully reflects your current training ability, thus drastically reducing the chance of you suffering pain or injury as a result of training. The other often overlooked part, especially with repeated injuries, is the role that nutrient deficiencies can play. One more reason why we focus extensively on your nutrition.

I’m thinking of starting training with you, what are the first steps?

First of all give us a call! Our first step with all clients is to sit down and have a no obligation 30 minute consultation. From this we will ascertain exactly what your training goals are, as well as get a general background on your exercise history and any pain or injuries that you may be suffering from. We will also clearly outline what we think the best plan of attack will be with your training, because this differs from person to person.

If you are happy to proceed we will then book your assessment, which will analyse the following:

* Training Goals

* Body measurement and Biosignature Analysis

* Muscle Length/Tension

* Core Function

* Structural Balance and Strength in Key Exercises

* CV Fitness (if necessary)

* Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors

Once we gather all of this information, we can safely design your initial programs and get you started.

How long are your PT sessions and how do you package your PT services?

Our PT sessions are 60 minutes. All PT packages are a minimum of 2 weekly sessions for 12 weeks. We’ve found this the best way to ensure the goals of our clients are reached. The longer the training commitment, the more cost effective the packages we are able offer.

I’m interested to join the group training sessions. What’s the first step?

You can set up your own membership via our website. From here you can view our training schedule and sign up for sessions. You can also arrange to meet us at the gym where our staff can answer your questions and guide you through the setup process.

I don’t have any experience training in a gym. Are the group classes suitable for me?

Our sessions are designed with all training abilities in mind. There are a maximum of 8 people per session to ensure that you have the necessary coaching. If you have an injury we may recommend some PT before giving you the OK to join our group sessions.

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