Feel the burn, feel the burn – these are the words that I repeat in my head constantly both when I’m training with The Sporting Club and afterwards…when I’m walking up stairs or even getting up off my seat. I’ve learned to love this feeling and accept it as a ‘good pain’. With only six weeks to go until my wedding, I’ve been training with Justin three times a week and getting to grips with a whole new lifestyle. With my job, planning a wedding and busy social life, it’s been somewhat difficult, especially in the midst of Olympics madness and fun, but I’ve managed to balance it as best I can, and I am feeling, and looking a whole lot better for it.

I had my first wedding dress fitting the other day, and you can definitely see the results.

There is still a long way to go though and I’m sure Justin has a master plan that involves my new BFFs; “the plough”, “the sled” and that “farmer and his walk”.

All the things that seemed so foreign when I initially started, like the copious supplements and vitamins, the protein shakes, the amount of protein in my diet generally, are now a normal part of life. I’m excited, and also quite nervous, about the next six weeks but I’m ready for it – bring on the burn The Sporting Club and get this bride ready for that ‘farmers walk’ down the aisle.


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