Energy Systems Training

Strongman implements allow for all variety of energy systems training, from pure strength to muscular endurance. It allows you to improve your overall cardiovascular health, whilst focusing on anaerobic training. Improvements in strong leg exercises such as the prowler sled, sled drags and farmers walks also translate to increased strength (and often range of motion) in more traditional gym exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

Fat Loss

Strongman training is exceptional at building lactate levels, because the work output continues to increase with no intra-set ‘rests’. This produces a special type of burn and lactic acid response. Increased lactic acid increase the blood ph, prompting an increase in growth hormone production. GH is the body’s fat burning tool.

Rehabilitation And Injury Prevention

Because many strongman implements – particularly the sled – allow for powerful muscular contraction without excessively loading the joint, strength training can safely be resumed quite soon after injuries or surgeries. Sled drags are also great at recruiting the VMO muscle of the quadriceps, a key knee stabiliser. Farmers Walks are excellent at building ankle and lower back strength. Practically all of the exercises are great core exercises, as often the core can only be effectively trained under heavier loads.

All Levels Can Partake

The techniques and movement patterns are very easy to teach, making strongman training an ideal introduction for those new to strength and conditioning training.

It’s Fun & Outdoors

Pushing and lugging weights around is great fun and there is something inherently enjoyable about training outdoors. Women in particular enjoy this approach to training, away from the all-too-often macho atmosphere of a typical gym weights area.

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